The Applied Health Information Technology (AHIT) is a peer-reviewed research journal providing a forum for the dissemination of original and review studies as well as opinions related to the applications and benefits of health information technology within the healthcare industry.

Papers published in AHIT will be of interest to researchers, policymakers, practitioners, academics, suppliers, insurers, and governments in improving the delivery of healthcare services and health outcomes for patients and the society.

The scope of this journal covers the following aspects of knowledge in the realm of Information Technology:

  • Application of information technology in:
    • Health system and the promotion of social health literacy
    • Health and medical education
    • Patient clinics
    • Self-care and empowerment of patients
    • Diagnosis, treatment, and drug management
  • Application of mobile-based technologies in healthcare
  • Application of agent-based technologies in healthcare
  • Electronic health records
  • Evaluation of the health information systems
  • Application of telecommunication in healthcare (telemedicine)
  • Organizational, financial, social, and clinical impacts of IT applications in health care
  • Legal aspects of IT applications in health care
  • Health data classifications and terminologies 
  • Health data privacy, confidentiality, and security
  • Clinical coding
  • Health data quality 
  • Health data mining

The Applied Health Information Technology (AHIT) is an open-access journal and also does not charge a publication fee.

Copyright Notice

All articles published in AHIT are open access, which means the articles are freely available online for anyone to download and use the providing address to the individual authors. In AHIT, as an open-access journal, authors sign a publishing agreement where they will have copyright but grant broad publishing and distribution rights to the publisher, including the right to publish the article on AHIT's website and choose the end-user license under which readers can use and share the articles. Then AHIT provides the article's online access for using and sharing by readers.


Dr. Mahtab Karami

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, July 2022, Pages 1-76 

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