Peer Review Process

Peer review process

Each received manuscript will be initially evaluated in terms of quality, innovation, the importance of the issue, and compliance with the journal's standards by the editors to save the authors and reviewers' time. Then, in the case that the manuscript meets the standards, it enters the double-blind peer-review process.

Each manuscript is sent to two specialized reviewers, if the reviewers differently respond to a manuscript, the manuscript will be sent to the third reviewer.

Please note that:

- If the manuscript is not related to the journal's field of study, it will be rejected.

- The reviewers must have an advanced level of language proficiency and a high level of scientific competence in the subject area.

- The criteria for selecting the international reviewers include having appropriate experience in reviewing the related articles.

- Authors can suggest the journal to send the manuscript to some specific reviewers or ask the journal to avoid selecting some reviewers (by mentioning their names) by mentioning the reason in the cover letter.

- All manuscripts are investigated through a double-blind peer-review process, while the authors and referees do not know each other.

- The final decision on all manuscripts is made by the editor-in-chief.

- The journal is committed to making quick decisions on manuscripts.

- If authors believe that the journal rejected their manuscript due to errors or misunderstandings of the scientific content, they can send an appeal to the journal's office using the journal's e-mail.



The manuscript may be returned to the corresponding author for modification of the scientific content and/or for language editions.

- In the revised manuscript, the authors should highlight their edits within the text.

- The authors should send a letter in response to the reviewers' comments along with their edited manuscript.

- In the case that authors do not send their edited manuscript to the journal within two months, the revised manuscript will be considered as a new manuscript. So, the date of receipt will be corrected accordingly.

- If authors wish to re-submit a previously rejected article, they should also submit the original manuscript along with a letter about the details of changes.

- The editing process of the manuscript may be conducted in several steps.



The final version of the manuscript, before publication, will be sent to the corresponding author to check any possible typographical errors and other minor changes to avoid any mistakes. At this point, major changes e.g. new results, corrected values, title, and authorship are not accepted in the text. At this stage, authors should send the final proof to the editor-in-chief within two days.