Aims and Scope

The scope of this journal covers the following aspects of knowledge in the realm of Information Technology:

  • Application of information technology in:
    • Health system and the promotion of social health literacy
    • Health and medical education
    • Patient clinics
    • Self-care and empowerment of patients
    • Diagnosis, treatment, and drug management
  • Application of mobile-based technologies in healthcare
  • Application of agent-based technologies in healthcare
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Evaluation of the health information systems
  • Application of telecommunication in healthcare (telemedicine)
  • Organizational, financial, social, and clinical impacts of IT applications in health care
  • Legal aspects of IT applications in health care
  • Health data classifications and terminologies 
  • Health data privacy, confidentiality, and security
  • Clinical coding
  • Health data quality 
  • Health data mining